“The hand is the window on to the mind”
Immanuel Kant

For many years I have executed other people’s designs—a fortunate and rewarding process, which has helped me develop an ethos of good work for its own sake. Working with my hands and mind fits my detail-oriented personality and creative drive.

I am now ready to use the expertise and work ethic I’ve developed over the years to concentrate on my own designs. I want to build pieces I’ve imagined but have yet to create. Without the pressure of outside specifications and deadlines, but with the pressure of my own standards, I aspire to probe the technical while simultaneously designing forms that will advance the design and technique to new results.





Goatskin Vellum Screen 2016

This screen is finished with a trapezoidal pattern of goatskin vellum on the front and rift white oak veneer on the back. Across the four panels are 104 pieces of goatskin vellum a luminous, translucent animal skin material. Each piece was selected for color, tone and grain pattern and applied with butt joins that wrap to the back veneered edge. I use a contemporary construction method for the panels: aluminum honeycomb core, soft maple perimeter wood frame and Medex faces. This construction keeps the panels rigid to compensate for the two different materials on the front and back. The base is dyed solid oak and the double action hinges and feet are patinaed brass.

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Screen Specifications

Goatskin Vellum Bench 2014

This bench design was inspired by Tadao Ando’s “Gate of Creation” at the Roberto Garza Sada Center of Art, Architecture and Design in Monterrey, Mexico. The form of the Bench influenced the geometric pattern, which I created with pieces of goatskin vellum, a luminous, translucent animal skin material. Each piece was selected for color, tone and grain pattern. I then back beveled the edges and individually applied them so they slightly overlap one another. The feet are custom patinaed brass subtly set back and angled to reiterate lines in the case form

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Bench Specifications

Calfskin Vellum Demi Screen 2002

This screen is covered on the front, back and edges with a total of 136 pieces of calfskin vellum. Each piece of vellum was selected for color and tone, and then applied side-by- side with butt joins. The luminous, translucent animal skin material set in an offset rectilinear pattern creates subtle movement across the screen and emphasizes the elegant half scale of the piece. The feet and double action hinges are patinaed brass.

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Demi Screen Specifications