I am excited to offer study opportunities of the techniques I practice to the emerging or established artisan. I present the information in a thorough and methodical way, providing an in-depth understanding of the traditional and non-traditional materials used, as well as why and how I have developed particular techniques with these materials.

When I began learning water gilding and vellum work very few people taught these techniques and of those few, even less shared authentic and comprehensive information about their approach. Most of what I’ve learned has been self-taught while executing client projects over the past 30 years. This practical knowledge came easily sometimes and at other times it involved hair-raising, epic mistakes. Today, I make an effort to teach the information I wish I would have had access to 30 years ago.

I enjoy when a creative student is able to take the techniques I provide and apply them to their own unique pursuits. I welcome students of many backgrounds to foster a collaborative and experiential environment. If you’re curious how the techniques I have to offer may fit in with your work please feel free to inquire about workshops or independent study.

For more information about course fees, dates and outlines click here to email a request.

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